Something for the weekend sir ?

We briefly mentioned this yesterday, but here’s the pimp in all it’s glory. Good friend to the blog Matthew’s most recent release, “Relics of Fate: A Penny Macey Mystery” is availble to buy and install on your Windows machine.

Not sold ? Ok, how about this then,

Penny 2011-02-07 10-57-02-17.jpg

Nope ? You know you can grab the demo to play free for an hour. A whole hour of clue solving like this,

Penny 2011-02-07 12-00-42-78.jpg

Even better still, BigFish have got a sale on today for one day only ( Although that was there yesterday, which a more cynical me would think was odd ) so you can get it even cheaper and Matthew will earn that little bit less for all his hard work. Support an indie by buying at a discount.

Penny 2011-02-07 11-59-45-99.jpg

Yeah you want it now don’t you. Nip over to BigFishGames and grab it, but don’t all of you do it, as we have no affiliate scheme in place, and it’ll just make us sick thinking of all those little percentages we’re missing out on.