Lightning Box Games Discuss Slot Designer

Lightning Box is a 3rd party content supplier to the online and land based gaming industry. We basically concentrate on math focussed game development, graphic animation packages and audio. We don’t do any internal software. Lighting Box Games was founded David Little and myself Peter Causley in 2004. We’ve probably made over 40 games to date. The last 10 games we would have made using Slot Designer I’d say.

The last 4 or 5 that have gone out to clients would have been from ground up though Slot designer. We’ve been told that we’ve been the shortest development timelines they’ve had internal or external, for a game to go through. We’ve been told how impressed with the game right from the get go. The minimum number of changes required, especially the tweaking or math, anything like that.

They’ve been astounded at the quality of the product we’ve been able to deliver, and without this tool that would be impossible. The game performance, I’m sure we’ve improved just because of the fact that we can do many many iterations over and over again, and play it ourselves. Previously, you wouldn’t want to make too many changes because you had to send it off to the software guys, and then of course the’ve got valuable resources, it would be difficult, sometimes for them to do more than two or three changes.

With the Slot Design tool we can make as many changes we like, play it, we get friends to come in and play it, we get focus groups in to play it. And we can do all of that in house before we have even sent off to our client. Our development time has come down incredibly actually, because even with as far as our artists implementing the artwork, they can sit there and look and say “I need to make this change.” and at least we are doing that on our company time as well. Previously when we had to make changes and we had the clients would make the changes for us, that slowed things down. The time frames are incredibly quick now.

Well, I have to say as a sales tool it’s been good because the clients are very impressed that we’ve already got working prototype that we can show them on our laptop, rather than saying oh, trust us its good.

They can see right there that its already been developed and they’re not going to get some blue sky, oh, here’s some bits of paper and I’ve heard from other clients that they’ve had to stop production on some games because they get half way there and then everything dries up and they don’t know what to do with it. We know everything’s done because we’ve got it and we can show them the reels are spinning, the animations are playing, the prizes work out exactly how we wanted them to do. It’s practically GLI approved before they get it.