John Deere 4640 quad range – D range is gone

John Deere 4640 quad range D range is gone Problems

The tractor has stopped moving in the field. Filter checked, it is clogged. It is full of silver and yellow metal. I haven’t checked if it’s magnetic yet. The changed filter moves well, only the d range is gone. John Deere says the snap ring has broken and the low shaft is damaged, recommends using it as is. My question for you gentlemen, will it not cause more damage to the shaft?

If what happened to yours coincides with what happened to mine and involves a broken snap ring and you removed the D-range gear and the gear and pinion, yes, correct repair will be very expensive in the interests of maintenance tractor. I would add that if you choose to fix it and keep it there may be other issues that may need your attention, only adding to the cost. I chose to fix mine in the long run, rather than patching it together and shipping it on the way for someone else to find problems with it. No matter what vintage tractor or brand, when it starts to open, nothing is cheap anymore.

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