John Deere 4640 Powershift, clutch problem

John Deere 4640 Powershift clutch problem Problems

Hello, I have problems with the clutch, it does not go up or it will not help to stop the tractor, it is a power shift John Deere 4640 I need help clutch plate, the whole housing was replaced in 2006, thank you for your help.

With this PS trans there is no “clutch” in the classic sense of the word. There is a torsional vibration damper on the engine flywheel. AND “PS Clutch” stroller KEY PART NO. PART NAME QUANTITY TRACTOR SERIAL NO. 4640 4840 NOTES 1 RE20139 CLUTCH 1 XX (SUB FOR AR80432) The clutch pedal assembly appears to be faulty. It’s just a hydraulic valve with a few rings and fittings.

Are you sure it’s Power-shift? Either way it looks like you probably have a problem with the clutch working valve, you should do some pressure checks at the clutch test port for more information on what is going on, if it’s a power change take a total pressure reading then Needs a Power-shift gauge cluster for this as multiple readings are required from different ports as each gear is selected, three different “elements” are coupled to the trans hydraulic pressure, the reading at each speed must be recorded and compared to what is needed, a bit complicated operation if you’ve never done it or don’t have a gauge set up.

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