John Deere 4640 hyd orbit motor problem

John Deere 4640 hyd orbit motor problem Problems

I have a problem starting the auger hydraulic motor with a rattling sound, need to start the engine at 1600rpm. I’m on the left scv, the filter is new, the screen in the gearbox is clean. Good gasket and springs in the filter return housing. This 4640 has 3 scv and 3ph loader joystick valve.

Actually, it will start the orbital motor, informing you that the makeup oil will run out. No light transmission or problems.

The problem occurs when 3ph is up or down. The Scv works fine, and so does the mid mount hydraulics valve.

When you drive the loader up and down it also starts to vibrate after the third lift so it loses makeup oil somewhere. The Beyond Block power is in front of the left scv.

Does the system you power have a flow control valve? If so, then it’s possible it’s set up for an open system and you’re bypassing oil all the time. On your system, you can use the flow control in the main pressure line without bypassing it and start returning directly to the tractor. My guess is your flow valve is bypassed right at the valve. What is not used to service the engine is omitted. In other words, you are pumping your pump at maximum power all the time. Check what you got.

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