John Deere 4640 for sale in Mississippi

John Deere 4640 for sale in Mississippi Buy Now

John Deere 4640 for sale in Mississippi from MACHINERY Equipment.

This is a 1981 John Deere 4640 Tractor, which has been used for 3214 hours. This tractor includes two sets of rear remote levers to offer added versatility in the field or on hillsides and slopes. It also offers three ranges including Quad range that can help you get through tough terrain with ease! The 155 horsepower PTO motor will work well even under heavy loads; it’s perfect for any farmer who needs power behind their equipment at all times without having to worry about wear-and-tear as much because this engine was meant specifically for these conditions while still being energy efficient enough, so farmers don’t have to spend too much money getting fuel during peak seasons like harvest time when they need it most!

Price: $14,200.00



  • Manufacturer JOHN DEERE
  • Model 4640
  • Serial Number UNKNOWN
  • Condition Used
  • Stock Number 705


  • Engine Horsepower 160HP
  • Drive 2WD
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